The Treasurer is responsible for all funds, receipts, monies and securities of Norwood Youth Soccer. Additionally, the Treasurer is responsible for depositing funds in the financial institution(s) designated by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer will report to the Board the financial status of the association and provide guidance to the Board related to the financial impact of decisions that the Board is considering and to maintain the security of the monetary assets of the organization.




•Deposit cash and checks received for Norwood Youth Soccer into the in the bank account

•Pay through check or charge, any Invoices received for items purchased for NYS
•Maintain security of debit and charge cards.

•Secure blank check stock used to pay expenses and/or numbered checks (manual)

•Reconcile the bank account monthly

• Handle CD investments as needed

•Overall checks and balances (internal controls) to ensure that funds raised are deposited into the Associations bank account and are not lost or stolen.

•Maintain the supporting documentation for all financial activities


Concession Stand for Events

•Setting up pouches for cash boxes

•Provide Pouches (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) to designated Board member to deliver and retrieve pouches from Concessions (Peggy’s Place)

•Maintain a separate Chart on snack shack sales for each 10 week season.

•Prepare cash pouches for tournaments and provide to Board designated Organizer.


Board and Other:

•Pick up mail from P.O. Box as needed.

•Attend all scheduled meetings and vote on motions. If unable to attend a meeting or function, he/she must notify the President or Secretary

•Perform other duties as prescribed by the President or Board

•Continually review and modify any necessary changes to this job description to keep it up-to-date and provide those changes to the Secretary to update her file.


Additional Monetary and Organizational Needs:

Executive Officer Duties (President, Executive VP, Treasurer, Registrar, or Secretary)


Monetary and Concessions

• Handle renewals of Establishment ID cards (BJs, Costco, etc.) for supply purchasing

• Either deliver or designate a Board member to deliver cash pouches to shack at least by 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the practices and games (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays) and collect them prior to another organization using the Concession Stand. (Football in the Fall)

• After each use of the pouches the designated person must determine the amount earned and maintain a log for the season. The original amount of seed money in proper denominations within reason needs to be maintained in pouches for the following week’s usage.

• On a periodic basis the amount collected, counted, and logged in is provided to the Treasurer for reconciliation and deposit.


State and Federal Responsibilities:

•Responsible for making sure that the federal and state annual filings, including taxes where needed, are prepared by you or the outside Tax Accountant and filed on time

  1. Annual Report to Secretary of State (self)
  2. Form 990 EZ ( self or outside accountant/tax preparer)
  3. State Tax Exempt status is current (letter) and maintain letter

•Correspond with IRS, Mass Attorney General and the Mass Secretary of State on any problems or issues that arise.

•Maintain the supporting documentation for all financial activities and documents to government entities