Mask Guidance Updated


Earlier today Mass Youth Soccer issued their revised guidelines for mask wearing in response to yesterday’s announcement by Governor Baker.  Below is a summary of those guidelines. 

  • Masks are not required as of today for youth participants aged 18 years and under when engaged in soccer and actively on the field of play. 
    • This applies to youth players and referees.
  • Masks are still required at all times for adult participants, including players and referees, aged 19 years and older. 
    • This applies regardless of vaccination status to all adult players, coaches, staff, and referees, and any other team/club/league officials.
  • Masks are not required for spectators of any age, once they are positioned in and maintain their socially distanced family group at the field.
  • All participants, both youth and adult, must continue to wear facial coverings when not on the field of play, such as substitutes on the bench/team sidelines, and when entering or exiting the field area. This includes players with a medical exemption.

You are, of course, welcome to ask your child to continue to wear a mask at your discretion.

For those of you with children who play on travel teams (grade 3 and up), please remember that individual communities have the right to impose more strict restrictions that the State.  In those cases, hometown rules will apply, and I ask that you adhere to them.  I have confirmed that Norwood will be following the State guidelines.

To see the full text of the Mass Youth Guidelines, please visit

This remains a very fluid situation and we could receive additional updates at any time.  I will notify you of any and all changes as they come to me.


Chris LoPiccolo