Third Grade Travel Lite

The Third Grade Travel Lite program will help to transition our third graders from our in-town intramural program to the travel program. Children will play one game per week. Games will be home and away against local towns. The full schedule is below. This is a great opportunity!


General Information:


Team Creation


Modified Format for Learning


Third grade soccer games are played on the same size field as Grade 1/2 but with 7 players, including a goal keeper, on each team.  The games will be refereed and all general soccer rules, except off sides will be in effect.  In addition, the following rules also apply:


  1. One re-take is allowed for players who have a bad throw-in.  If the re-take doesn’t result in a legal throw-in, the ball is turned over to the other team to do a throw in.
  2. All free kicks are indirect.  No penalty kicks.
  3. Goal kicks shall be taken from within six yards of the goal line.  The team not in possession shall withdraw to its defensive half of the field and may not enter its offensive half of the field until the ball is played.  Should the team in possession put the ball in play before the opposing players have taken position in their defensive half, play will continue.
  4. Substitutions must be requested by a coach to the referee when players to be substituted are at the half-line during a stoppage in play.  Substitutions are not allowed during corner kicks or free kicks.
  5. No slide tackles or headers.


To ensure the safety and enjoyment of youth soccer to all who are involved in the program there are best practice protocols that must be adhered to during games:


  •  Coaches are ultimately responsible for overseeing that these are adhered to.
  •  Players must wear cleats and shin guards under their socks for all games and practice sessions, and bring water bottles (refillable water bottles are recommended.)
  • Players will use a size 4 ball.
  •  Coaches and players will occupy one side of the field and parents and spectators will occupy the opposite side.  Only officially sanctioned head coaches and up to two sanctioned assistant coaches (maximum of 3 adults) may be with the players.
  • Coaches should promote good sportsmanship and do their best to avoid running up the score.  Winning by more than five goals is strongly discouraged.  Let NYS know if you’re beaten by more than 5 goals.
  •  Parents and spectators should not be coaching in any manner from the sidelines or behind the goals.
  •  No jewelry may be worn, including earrings which must be re removed and not covered.