Travel Evaluations - Next Week

Travel evaluations for those entering Grades 4-8 in the 2019-2020 seasons will be held next week. If your child cannot attend, coach evaluations and past season play will be used when considering team placement. You can read more about how travel teams are created on our Travel page.


If your child is currently in Grade 3 and entering Grade 4 in the Fall of 2019 OR if you have not played for Norwood Youth Soccer previously, you will need to bring your birth certificate on the night of the evaluation.

Vote Yes

Norwood Youth Soccer, Norwood Basketball Association, and Norwood Nuggets Youth Hockey have reviewed the potential impacts to our leagues and town resulting from the upcoming Prop 2 ½ override vote.  We strongly believe cuts to the DPW and Recreation Departments will affect athletic space quality and safety as well as lead to higher usage fees in the future, increasing costs for participating families.  Additionally, the lack of a high school sports program will lower the interest level in youth sports in upcoming years.  Therefore, Norwood Youth Soccer, Norwood Basketball