Transfer Boxes Drill

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Category: Team Tactics
Type: Game


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The Game:

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  • In each box, the attacking team plays keepaway from the other team.
  • If the defending team steals the ball, they try to play it to the other box where two of their teammates are waiting.
  • When the pass is made, the two players who stole the ball quickly follow their pass in to support.
  • The other team then send two players in to steal the ball back.
  • Play continues to transfer from one box to the other.
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, it goes over to the other team for a kick-in or throw-in.

Coaching Points:

  • Passing and receiving
  • Support
  • Transitions
  • Team attacking and defending shape


  • Attacking team gets a point if they split defenders with a pass.
  • Team that gets the most passes in a row without losing possession wins.