Referee Questionnaire

Hello Norwood Coaches,


Please watch each short video below, then answer the corrosponding questions. 
Every answer can be found in the videos.


Once you have completed the questions, please submit this form with your name & email address.  You will receive the answer key upon your submission and you will recieve your answers in your email upon submission.


The first half of questions are for center referees, and the second porttion are for AR's.


All questions must be answered in order to submit the form.


If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you,
Peter Varitimos
Peter Varitimos


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What are the following pictures indicating?




1) Above picture*
2) Above picture*
3) Above picture*
4) Above picture*
8) When is the hand lowered after the Indirect free kick signal is indicated?*
11) When a restart such as a free kick, goal kick, throw-in or a corner kick must be delayed, how is the restart indicated?*
13) After a goal has been scored, you..*
15) During active play, where is the Assistant Referee expected to hold the flag.*
16) In the above photo, which signal is this?*
20) To signal a yellow card offense you....*
22) What does the AR do if they determine that a goal is to be disallowed due to an offside offense?*
23) What signal should you indicate for a ball that has left and came back onto the field of play undetected by the referee?*



During penalty kicks, you must position yourself to the inner penalty line & goal line.


29) What is this above signal?*
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