Refund Policy

Norwood Youth Soccer's Refund Policy is based upon the reason for the refund and takes into account when the refund request is received, relative to the upcoming season, either via email or written notification to the NYS President.


1.  A full refund for a season-ending injury or illness incurred before the first game of the season provided a doctor's note is received.

2.  A full refund if NYS is unable to place the player on a team for any reason and the child is unable to play for that season. 

3.  A full refund if the family moves out of Norwood and notifies the Registrar before the first game of the season. 

4. A partial refund will be considered if the family communicates to the NYS President regarding illness, injury, or moving out of town by the second week of the season.


Refunds are determined by the NYS President and Registrar and, as needed, discussed with the full NYS Board. 

Please go to the "Contact Us" page, and email the NYS President with questions.