Oversight of the snack shack, affectionately known as Peggy's Place, involves three functions. Norwood Youth Soccer is currently looking to fill the Operating Manager role.


Manager of Concession Building - would oversee three positions below.


Three functions to look over:  A.) Maintenance and Repair of the Building located on School Property at Coakley Middle School; B.) Procurement and Stocking of Concession; C) Operating Concession with volunteers.


Maintenance Manager


  • Ensure that the Concession facilities (physical plant) are operational and running properly.
  • Water is turned on in Spring and drained and shut off after Fall season ends (contract plumber and pay accordingly)
  • Ensure electrical and dispensing equipment is set up and working properly. As follows: slush puppy machine; coffee machine; hot chocolate machine; Microwave; hotdog rollers, etc.
  • Maintain supplies in Maintenance room for cleaning, stocking, and sanitizing the bathroom facility.
  • Ensure exterior and interior of facility is properly maintained (hire and contract as necessary with President and/or board review.
  • Liaison with CMS custodians and school management as needed.
  • Ensure trash, and cardboard etc. is properly disposed from the premises.
  • Work with Youth Football (1/3rd user) and Town Public Health Dept. to obtain the necessary “Application for Permit to operate a Food Establishment”


Procurement Manager


  • Ensure that the Concession Stand (Peggy’s Place) is properly stocked with Food, Drink, paper goods, and sanitation Materials necessary to properly run the facility.  Coordinate with Maintenance Manager as needed.
  • Coordinate with Treasurer on affiliation with any wholesale Food. Etc. Vendors (for example- BJs and Costco) to have a membership card, which needs an annual renewal.  This includes coordination with him on providing a tax exempt document to the establishment.
  • Have access to keys for the Concession stand, and ability to procure more, as needed for the volunteers (both board members and individual Concession volunteers).
  • Coordinate with a Board member or handle oneself the Operation of overseeing the Board members and/or outside volunteers.


Operating Manager - Open!


This person, who may also be the Procurement Manager, coordinates the hours of operation with the Intramural Group and the volunteers that work at the Concessions.  The volunteers are both Board members (expected to volunteer a minimum of one two hour position) and parent volunteers.


  • Maintain a contact list, preferably with email, of potential volunteers (i.e. every parent with a child in the program)
  • Coordinate individuals to volunteer in the snack shack.
  • Provide a Training session at start of season for new Volunteers.
  • Follow-up 1 week prior to the event to remind those who have already responded and to solicit more if required.
  • Maintain a list of respondents and note individual requests if necessary.
  • Maintain List of Volunteers with Keys and retrieve as needed.
  • After the season email the specific volunteers to thank them.  Ask about their availability in person during season or send e-mail prior to start of following season.
  • Works with Procurement Manager and Executive Board member as needed to maintain operations of Concessions ( Peggy’s Place).