3 Ball Keepaway

Category: Team Tactics
Type: Game

3 Ball Keepaway

The Game

Start with two teams of equal numbers and three soccer balls. On signal, players try to possess as many balls as possible. On coach's command, play stops and the team in possession of two or more balls wins that round. Play several rounds.

Coaching Points

  1. Players must use skills of passing and dribbling to keep possession. They must also make decisions on where to run when they don't have the ball, when to pass or dribble, and whom to pass to.
  2. Encourage players to hold the ball against pressure. Many players when faced with pressure from opponents will just kick the ball away. If player does decide to pass, it must be to another player.

Try These Variations

  1. Each player must hold the ball a minimum of five touches before passing. This will force more dribbling and shielding of the ball.
  2. Each player has only two or three touches. Will force more passing of the ball.
  3. Players may only use their "good" foot.
  4. Players may only use their "weak" foot. (Help players remember which foot they're using by passing one sock down.)