Norwood Soccer

Are you desiring to become a referee for Norwood Soccer? As exciting as it is to play on a soccer team, becoming a referee can be equally rewarding. Start a career as a NYS Referee and learn the other side of the game by registering here.


Once you submit your application, you will be placed on a waiting list for the next season. Once we need to add new referees to our roster you will be notified.  Please feel free to apply with this in mind.

Referee Availability 

Prior to submitting an availability form, you must first fill out the Referee Application and have been accepted as an NYS Referee. 

 If you have been accepted as an NYS Referee, it's important that we know what your availability is. This will assist us in determine who is available for any given game day. We compile our referee schedules based upon what day/time(s) you can work. 

 If you have already submitted an Availability Form and need to make changes to it, please complete a new Form, and submit it as soon as possible. 

 Become a Massachusetts Certified Referee? 

 As much as the Norwood Soccer Organization is devoted to providing fair game play, we are equally concerned with the quality of our referees. This is why all Norwood referees are required to be certified, you can find clinics near you, through the following link:  


Judy Fiola - Intramural Referree Assignor

 John Ice - NYS Travel Referee Assignor