Travel Team Placement

When building teams, there are several factors that must be considered in determining the number and size of teams at each age group.  The main factors used to determine the number of teams includes:


  • Number of players registered
  • Number of volunteers we have for coaches
  • Teams in higher divisions & sections should lean towards lower numbers
  • Teams in lower division & sections should carry more players
  • MTOC eligible teams (grade 6 and older, division 2 and above) carry roster limits imposed by BAYS
  • NYS will carry more players on non-MTOC teams to accommodate on-time registrations where possible
  • Oversized rosters will severely limit the playing time each player receives and could impact their development


While the Travel Director has the final say in how big a roster is, our preferred roster sizes are:


  • 7v7 - 10-14
  • 9v9 – 12-16
  • 11v11 – 14-20


Players will be placed on a roster based on their skill level.  Skill level of players is determined based on the following inputs


  • Spring evaluations conducted by the Revolution
  • Coaches feedback forms
  • Personal knowledge of players from board members who know the player
  • Prior teams the player has been on
  • Other inputs as and when needed


Waitlisted players placed AFTER rosters are sent may be placed based on team size (if we have a player skilled for high division 3 but only have openings on lower skilled teams they may be on that team).  We will not adjust rosters, once set, to accommodate a late registrant.