Game Preparation

Arrive at least 15 minutes before game time to check the field:

  • Goals must be secured to ground. If held with bags, bags must be to rear of frame.
  • Check nets. Be aware if there is any hole and report after the game.
  • Check that the field is lined adequately.
  • Make sure the home coach has put out corner markers.
  • Check field for obstacles. Remove any debris, such as rocks, sticks or trash.
  • Look for dangerous conditions, especially inspecting for soft areas due to wetness, holes, rocks, etc. Confer with the coaches and a Board member if you are considering canceling the game for safety concerns – but the final decision (Travel only) is up to you. Keep an eye on the weather too.

About 10 minutes before game time:

  • Introduce yourself to the coaches.
  • Let them know you understand the Zero Tolerance Policy. Do they?
  • Collect team rosters. (travel only) Coach gives you 2 copies, keep one roster, give one to opposing coach. >Check coach pass cards.

Have players line up for inspection:

  • Call attendance from rosters. (travel only) BAYS: All players must be on roster. No hand-written names.
  • Soccer shoes. No metal cleats allowed. Sneakers OK. Check cleats
  • All players MUST wear, and be completely covered by socks, Check shin pads
  • NO JEWELRY - NO CASTS. Players must remove all jewelry, including earrings. Soft hair elastics or very flat hair “snaps” are allowed. Casts are NOT allowed.
  • All players must be in uniform: Shirts must be matching or very similar. If not, players can wear pinnies. All shirts must be tucked in to start game, quarters and halves. You can ignore it if they come untucked during the game or ask player to tuck shirt in too. If extreme cold, players may wear sweatpants or leggings. They should be worn under shorts. Shirts may be worn under the uniform shirt. Goalkeepers MUST be dressed differently than players on BOTH teams. If the 2 teams have similar colors and you think it may be confusing, ask the home team to wear pinnies. This is up to you, not the coaches. Goalkeeper can wear soft-brim hat if sun is a factor. Field players may wear brimless hats if weather is cold Ask the players if they have any questions.

Call captains:

  • Visiting team gets to call the coin flip
  • Winner of coin flip chooses side of field, other team starts with ball
  • Discuss any pertinent information with captains

After the game:

  • Monitor teams as they shake hands
  • Contact Referee Coordinator/Assignor to report any significant issues
  • Complete the game report on the BAYS website (travel only).