Clinic Coordinator

The Clinic Coordinator oversees the different outside groups that provide NYS with soccer training during both the season and off season. Traditionally NYS works with outside groups to set up summer soccer camps at fields in Norwood.  More recently, in 2012, we contracted with an outside group to provide various training for players and coaches.

Responsibilities include:

  • Researching potential outside soccer entities that can provide soccer summer camps, historically 2, and determine how many NYS can approve.
  • Working with the Civic Center/Recreation Department regarding running such camps (5 or more days) and clinics (4 or less days)
  • Working with any soccer entity that provides NYS with training, coaching, and skills clinics, both during the season and off season; this includes working with the Director of Coaching to schedule and promote skills sessions during the season.
  • Working with the NYS Board and President to research and find the qualified soccer entity that can provide what NYS needs at a price that the Board will approve.
  • As determined by the NYS Board help set up a winter clinic with the soccer entity with whom we signed a contract.
  • As needed work with a Board member or directly with Norwood Buildings and Grounds to ensure rental time as needed for indoor clinics NYS endorses.