Field notes Saturday April 9

Father Macs field 10 (closest to pool) is closed. 

2021 Coaches of the Year

Please join us in congratulating our 2021 Coaches of the Year!

Travel Coach of the Year: Cara Murphy

Intramural Coaches of the Year: Tony Valeri and Paul Molloy

  • Cara: During her NYS career, Cara has tirelessly dedicated her time in various different capacities, including Coach, Assistant Coach, and volunteer. Over the last seven years, Cara has successfully coached many girls travel teams. Her positive “can do” attitude, effective coaching style, and commitment to soccer are all key traits that NYS is looking to emulate across its program. Cara is loved and respected by players, coaches, and Parents. While Cara is quite competitive, she has always coached with the highest integrity, doing what’s right no matter the circumstances. In addition, she has consistently gone the extra mile on each team, to ensure each player felt special, and they knew their contributions were valued. Cara has helped develop not only the kids soccer skills, but has also taught them valuable lessons they will use for the rest of their life. Cara has three children (Tressa, Kathleen, and Eamon), who have been playing in the NYS Program since Pre-K. The Spring 2021 season will be the Murphy’s last in NYS, and we wish them all success as they head off to High School. We thank Cara for all of her contributions to NYS!
  • Tony: Tony has been a great coach to the NYS players over the years, instilling in them confidence and teaching them how to play the game correctly. He has been able to incorporate various strategies and techniques learned from other sports (hockey, etc.), and successfully apply them to the soccer field. Tony always ensures that the kids are having fun, in addition to maximizing their abilities. Tony has a great rapport with the players and a great way of communicating with them, who look up to and respect him. Tony is very generous with his time and always willing to help where needed (as long as we don't schedule games during Bruins playoffs!). Tony has two children (Brooke (Grade 4) and Ryan (Grade 9)), who have both been active participants in NYS over the past 10 years
  • Paul: At practices throughout the week and games on the weekend, a familiar thick Irish accent can be heard emanating across the Coakley fields. While he did not play in the English Premier League, Paul has been very successful at passing along his skills and teaching NYS players various valuable techniques and lessons to enhance their game. The players love playing for Paul, as he has a unique way of always keeping things fun, while ensuring that he gets their absolute best effort on and off the field. His positive attitude, advance preparation, and overall communication style make him a great coach. In addition, Paul has always been very generous with his time, doing whatever he can to help improve the NYS Program. As an example, he has been instrumental in bringing in guest coaches at practices to keep things new and exciting for the kids, as well as being part of the annual jamboree held at the end of each season. Paul has two daughters (Megan (Grade 7) and Erin (Grade 4)), who have been playing in the NYS Program since Pre-K.

We congratulate Cara, Tony, and Paul and thank them for all of their contributions to NYS!